We are part of a group of companies established in 1987 and 1988 in multiple countries for international business. Our group of companies has been in the manufacture of Fine Chemicals, Information Technology and Consulting, and a supplier to the pharmaceutical industry. About three years ago, a proposal was presented to us to manufacture Intermediates and APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients). We embarked on a mission to determine what we could and should do in this regard. Our preliminary exploration resulted in our team members meeting many executives from a wide range of companies across the world from pharmaceutical and related industries. Soon, it became clear to us that we can serve the worldwide pharmaceutical and allied industries much better through an online Virtual Pharma Exhibition (VPE).

Subsequently, we conducted a thorough research and survey to determine the needs and wants of these industries that should be and could be served by VPE. For this purpose, we surveyed industry managers from Marketing, Sales, Purchasing, R&D and Corporate Executives. In addition to serving other disciplines of the industry as noted above, we wanted VPE to be helpful to corporate executives as well in making strategic decisions like investment in increased capacity, production and supply of new products and services, merger and acquisitions, finding potential partners and partnership decisions etc.

Please note that we have purposefully shied away from creating a 2D or 3D imagery of physical exhibition. We gathered from these managers and executives their needs and wants from their perspectives as exhibitors as well as visitors to Pharmaceutical exhibitions. In addition to the above research and surveys, we took into consideration the best use of the computers, servers and internet technologies and capabilities available to implement in VPE to serve the Pharmaceutical and Allied Industries. Rather, we have focused on how best we can use the technologies available to serve the needs of pharmaceutical and allied industries through VPE.

We have created specialized formats and advanced search mechanisms for different categories and sub-categories of products and services to provide better service to our exhibiting companies. This allows our Exhibitors to provide applicable specific and extensive information about their products and services to the visitors. By creating one format and a single search engine for all would not have served all our exhibitors and visitors well.

The result of all the above is Virtual Pharma Exhibition (VPE), a portal designed to serve effectively and efficiently the pharmaceutical and allied industries as our exhibitors and visitors. You will notice that the information provided on our portal is displayed in a straight forward manner. You will also notice that our portal is free from clutter and gimmickry, which you see at many other websites.

VPE is now available to worldwide pharmaceutical and allied industries serving the goals set for it. We will always keep developing additional features, serving additional needs and we will add these capabilities from time to time. Quality, Class and respect for our exhibitors and visitors will always stay as guiding principles.

Mission Statement

To provide an avenue (Virtual Pharma Exhibition) for the worldwide pharmaceutical industry facilitating and enhancing information availability and for effective and efficient use by Purchasing, Marketing, Sales, General Management and Technical Departments of worldwide pharmaceutical companies.


On one hand, the world is moving towards becoming a global village and on the other hand, some ways it is still apart, especially when it comes to pharmaceutical industry due to regulations and requirements of local governments, associations etc. Virtual Pharma Exhibition (VPE) provides information which allows pharmaceutical companies to find Suppliers, Partners, Customers worldwide as well as in your neighborhood meeting your requirements and help you in making strategic decisions.
Cost of exhibiting at VPE is kept so low that every large and small pharmaceutical company anywhere in the world can have an exhibit at VPE, open to the whole world and to your neighborhood for 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Thus, VPE allows a visitor to get information he / she needs and when needed enhancing the efficiency of purchasing, marketing and sales departments. VPE information can also be used by general management and technical personnel to make strategic decisions regarding new products, additional capacity installations, technical and business collaborations and finding potential partners anywhere in the world.
As we go on, we will add more features to VPE to make it even more useful to the worldwide pharmaceutical industry. Our job and mission is to make this avenue as useful as possible as well as available and affordable to any and all members of worldwide pharmaceutical industry regardless of their size as all of them play their vital and important role in this industry.