1. VPE has exhibits from pharmaceutical and related companies from your neighborhood and worldwide that provide:

2. About VPE Exhibits:

VPE exhibits have a standardized Exhibit Home Page design which connects to the detailed information about products and services and other information about the exhibiting company. Standardized Exhibit Home Page design allows Visitors to find information of their interest easily and use their exhibit visit time effectively. Home Page of the Exhibit provides summary information about the Exhibiting Companies just like displays in a Physical Exhibit. All the pages connected to or accessible from Virtual Exhibit Home Page provide additional information just like information available from the back room of a Physical Exhibit. Virtual Exhibit can provide as much information as an Exhibitor would like without any limitations or restrictions. A visitor to Virtual Exhibit can view the information, watch attached videos or go through attached Power Point Presentations etc. at his / her convenience and can stop, rewind and review as per his / her wishes and needs.

A Visitor can visit the following from the Exhibit Home Page with a single click on appropriate item:

3. Virtual Pharma Exhibition provides: