Direct Costs:
Airline ticket cost, lodging (hotel) costs, taxi or surface transportation costs etc., These costs can add up to US$3,000 to US$5,000 per person attending an International Annual Exhibition. Indirect Costs:
Two to Five days away from office and from home per person attending an Annual Exhibition.
Direct Costs
Indirect Costs
Available only for 2 to 4 days a year.
Available 24 X 365 (24 hours per day and 365 days a year)

    Hassles that are disruptive, stressful and time consuming like:

  • Weeks to Months of advance planning
  • Arranging for air travel, lodging, surface transportation etc.,
  • Preparing and packing for a trip to Annual Exhibition
  • Actual travel, Airport hassles, conveyance to hotel, hotel check-in, hotel check-out, conveyance to Exhibition etc.,
No hassles.

Accessible from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection

Very many times a visitor has to adjust his schedule to be at an Annual Exhibition which is available only for 2 to 4 specific days of a year.


As VPE is available 24 X 365 and can be visited at visitor’s convenience.

Not possible due to prohibitive cost, loss of time away from office for the whole team. That is why, 75% of the visitors at International Annual Exhibitions (equivalent to VPE) are Managers or of higher level.

Whole team or a team member can visit VPE separately or together at no cost, as many times as needed and at their own convenience

Only a limited amount of information is available for a visitor to take with him (like a brochure) at an Annual Exhibition exhibit.

Much more and more detailed information is available at VPE exhibits than at Annual Exhibitions. In addition to the information about the Exhibitor company, its products and services, its capacities, certifications etc., a visitor can print Exhibitor Company Brochure, watch a Power Point Presentation, view a short Video about the Exhibitor Company and use a link to Exhibitor company’s website depending upon the provisions made by an Exhibitor in its Exhibit.

Quality of information depends upon who is behind the counter of an Exhibit at an Annual Exhibition or who is available to talk to. Different people may say different things about a subject related to an Exhibitor and of interest to a visitor. There is no record of what was said. Comprehensiveness of information may vary from person to person behind an exhibit’s counter. This quality deteriorates further when a visitor narrates it to his colleagues or his team on his return from Annual Exhibition.

All the information in VPE exhibits is well scrutinized by the Exhibitors before it is made available at VPE. Secondly all the quality and dependable information is recorded in the Exhibit and remains the same whenever you or your team visits a VPE Exhibit.

You are boxed into few hours when an Annual Exhibition is open over 2 to 4 days and hours of your presence there.

You can proceed at your pace to study, analyze and digest the information available at a VPE exhibit.

Varies from Exhibitor to Exhibitor. Depends upon the individuals manning the exhibit at an Annual Exhibition to take your questions to the right person to respond to without losing it. Many times there is no closed loop arrangement to ensure that every enquiry is responded to properly.

There is no chance of losing or not responding to an enquiry due to the protocol at VPE exhibits. Many Exhibitors have your enquiry go directly to appropriate discipline or person with a copy to exhibit In-charge, who follows up to ensure an enquiry is responded to expediently and properly with quality information.



  • Find new sources of products and services you need.
  • Compare your current suppliers with other possible and potential suppliers in your neighbourhood and worldwide.
  • Should you wish, you can have experts in your company study the information given in the exhibit of a company you are interested in and can have them correspond with appropriate experts in the potential supplier company. This will enhance the effectiveness and quality of dialogue on technical matters before expending efforts on selecting and negotiating with a potential supplier.
  • And many other ways you can and may wish to use VPE to your benefit.


  • Find potential customers by finding neighbourhood and worldwide Exhibitors producing products that use your products and services as inputs.
  • Study your competitors, their capabilities, their geographical locations etc. to understand your competition.
  • Have your company’s exhibit at VPE and use it as a tool for your marketing and sales efforts.
  • And many other ways you can and may wish to use VPE to your benefit.


  • Visit exhibits of providers of Technical Services like R& D, Pilot Scale Production, Technical Consultancy etc. Study their capabilities and get your questions answered to determine who can help you in meeting your goals. Use your technical knowledge and expertise in selecting the right products or services provider to your company.
  • Study your competition, products & services offered by them etc. to stay competitive and relevant in the market place.
  • Investigate collaboration possibilities etc.
  • And many other ways you can and may wish to use VPE to your benefit.


  • Study your Competitors, their Products, Services, Capacities, Plans etc.
  • Study current producers and their capacities for any new products you intend to produce. This kind of study can help you understand your potential competition, possibility of potential over capacity in the industry and allow good strategic decision making.
  • Similarly, you should also have an exhibit at VPE, listing products and services you provide and the capacities you have, so that it may be taken into consideration by others who may want to produce products and services you supply to the pharma industry. Availability of information about your presence and capacities deter possibilities of excessive competition and over capacity.
  • Search, study and examine the exhibits of potential partners worldwide, should you be evaluating possibilities or seeking partners for collaborations or Joint Ventures.
  • And many other ways you can and may wish to use VPE to your benefit.