Why to have Virtual Exhibit when you have website

The key reasons to have a Virtual Exhibit are:

1. Your Exhibit in Virtual Pharma Exhibition is like having your office in the market place, representing your organization, its products and services, its capabilities etc. generating contacts, enquiries and sales.
2. Virtual Pharma Exhibit is designed keeping in focus what a visitor to an exhibition wants to know. Whereas, a website is designed and built to serve many different purposes and objectives. Your Virtual Exhibit is specifically designed to serve exhibition visitors which sets it apart from your Website.
3. On one hand, Virtual Exhibit formats are standardized enough for a visitor to easily find the information he progressively wants to see during a visit to a Virtual Exhibit. On the other hand, Virtual Exhibit formats allow substantial freedom to an exhibitor to provide as much information as he deems (thinks) appropriate.
4. It is hard to find who potentially has the Product or Service and is qualified to supply to a potential customer through internet search or other intermediaries available on the internet. Your company also do not have any control on an intermediary as to what it says or how it classifies your company and its products and services. When it comes to your Virtual Pharma Exhibit, you have full control on what you want to say to a visitor through your exhibit about your company, its products and services.
5. A potential customer may not know that your company exists, the products and services your company offers and its website. Virtual Pharma Exhibition eliminates that problem. Virtual Exhibition allows a potential customer to find your company (a potential supplier) and its Virtual Exhibit very easily by products or services you offer. He can further find specific information about your products and/or services and other general information about your company easily and quickly from your Virtual Exhibit. Subsequently, a visitor in his follow up visits can also locate your Virtual Exhibit by your company name. A visitor can also go to your website just by a click from your exhibit’s homepage.
6. A Visitor can easily conduct a preliminary comparison between the potential suppliers available at the Virtual Pharma Exhibition, as the information provided by all exhibitors are on the same or similar formats. So, he is more likely to select one or two companies for his further enquiries out of the exhibitors available at this Exhibition.
7. It requires relatively little effort to create your Virtual Exhibit. There after it takes minimal effort to modify your exhibit to reflect any changes in your company and its products and services.
8. Many small to medium size pharma companies around the world cannot afford to spare 3 to 6 persons, their travel and cost of US$20,000 to 60,000 to have an exhibit for 2 to 4 days at an International Pharma Exhibition. Cost of exhibiting at Virtual Pharma Exhibition, open 24 x 365 is a fraction of cost of exhibiting (for 2 to 4 days only) at an Annual International Pharma Exhibition. Cost being so low at our Virtual Pharma Exhibition, any and all pharma related companies can afford to have their Virtual Exhibit, open 24 x 365 to the whole world and to their neighbourhood. This Virtual Pharma Exhibition allows development of relationships between customers, suppliers and sub-contractors which otherwise may not be possible.
9. Your Virtual Exhibit will be visited by lot more visitors who have immediate need to fulfill. Whereas, visitors to an exhibit in an annual exhibition may stop by just being curious and just happened to be there. This is because a visitor can visit your virtual exhibit when a need arises for him and is not limited to only 2 to 4 days in a year. Secondly, a visitor can visit your exhibit any time convenient to him.
10. We expect 45,000 to 55,000 unique visitors making multiple visits in a year to our 24 x 3 65 Virtual Exhibition. All these visitors are in our qualified invitees database from the worldwide pharma industry, which includes pharma companies in your country and your neighbourhood. These invitees can visit our exhibition and your exhibit at no cost to them unlike annual exhibitions, where they must spare days away from their office, incur cost for travel, food, lodging and inconvenience to visit an annual exhibition.
11. Annual Pharma Exhibitions offer a visitor anywhere between 500 to 1500 exhibits, whereas exhibits at our Virtual Pharma Exhibition will far exceed those numbers within months.

We believe, your Pharma related company should be available at Virtual Pharma Exhibit to exhibit worldwide visitors and to visitors from your neighborhood to consider possible business prospects with your company.